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Well here's a little ditty for you...


You may be curious, or not, but you might be wondering how did a prominent wedding, family, & newborn photographer get into Real Estate photography? 


Well besides a love for decorating and remodeling and all things houses  - I had a few gentle nudges along the way. It first started with some corporate architectural assignments , that I LOVED!,  then my Sister-in-law and another family member began their career in Real Estate and after working with them a few times- well- that was it - I was hooked! 

I enjoy working closely with the listing agent to capture not only the layout of the house but all its unique and wonderful features in a way that will get the buyer off the computer and walking through the front door to get a closer look.

When I capture a home, I also provide staging recommendations (assist with rearranging if needed HA!). 

Once we have throughly photographed the house, we will sit down and immediately review the images. I want to make sure we got the BEST shots and covered all the rooms and details exactly how you envisioned presenting the home. Together we will select out the images you want to have edited and I will do everything on site and turn over your completed images on a flash drive before we even walk out of the house! within 90 minutes- BOOM! You have your pictures in your hand and ready to load to the MLS! 

Easy Peasy right?
That's how it should be! 

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